Children's Autism T-Shirts From Aukids.

Slogans Available:

'I was born with autism, the cheeky smile is all my own work'

'Autism: If it's good enough for Einstein, it's good enough for me!'

'Stand Aside, I have the special powers of autism'

'God created autism to offset the excessive number of boring people'

Children'sT Shirts are priced at just £8.00
Postage is just £3.00 and sent via recorded delivery.

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And don't forget, for every t shirt you buy we donate £2 to Aukids magazine.

Here are a few comments about the Aukids autism print range from the Aukids readers:


Love the T shirts and the slogans. Our children need positivity we’re in a world of too much negativity. If someone tells me my George can’t do something we work out a way to help him so he can. Autism is part of who he is not all that he is .. so thank you. Love the blog too!’ - Karen Kirkby

‘Brilliant! I've looked at and bought a fair few T-shirts over the years and these are definitely some of the best...and also sensibly priced. Have just ordered two. Well done and let's have some more of the same please!!!’- Sara Basma

‘Oh my word, they are awesome!! They are great slogans, some I have seen are a bit derogatory or just plain rude! X’ - Sue Sheppard

‘I will be honest I have avoided T shirts in the past as many are quite confrontational and negative. I love these well done! Got to go just seen a mention of sparkly.... Can these T-shirts get any better? Whoop whoop!’ - Ali Palmer





Available in the following sizes:

3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years,

9-11 years and 12-13 years.

The trendy slogans are printed in white and t shirt colours are available in:

Red, Royal, Black and Green.